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The Ultimate Review Of MarineLand's 5 Gallon All-In-One Aquarium Tank Kit (Portrait And Contour)

The Good, The Bad And The Quirky

The MarineLand Portrait and Contour 5 gallon nano tanks bring lots to the table for aquarium hobbyists at a competitive price, whether it is its sleek, rimless aesthetic or what is included in the kit.


What Is Included?

The Tank

  • One 5 gallon, 14" x 9.5" x 9.5" glass tank (personally, I think this glasswork alone makes this entire kit worth it)

  • Rounded corners, providing a sleek and rimless look

  • Glass cover to combat water evaporation (and perfect for jumpers like betta fish!)

  • A plastic base to place the tank on for aesthetic and functional needs

3-Stage Filtration

  • Plastic filter cover

  • A black plastic wall separating the rear filtration compartment and the main viewing compartment

  • Mechanical filtration via (1) filter cartridge floss

  • Chemical filtration via (1) activated carbon filter cartridge

  • Biological filtration via (1) Bio-Foam sponge block

  • Adjustable flow filter pump

The Lighting


The Plentiful Pros

  • Easy to clean tank area

  • Smaller footprint since it is horizontal

  • Motor is delightfully silent, even at maximum flow rate

  • A cord notch on the black wall separating the filter portion from the tank portion

  • Rear compartment hides all of the wires and accessories from the viewing area of the tank, resulting in a minimalist look

  • Well packaged

  • Adjustable output nozzle from the filter

  • Thick glass (3/16" thick)

  • Modern, minimalist tank shape

  • Simple day/off/night switch, unlike the cumbersome click-to-cycle LEDs found in many other nano-aquariums lights

  • Glass cover leaves tiny gaps (which doubles as a feeding hole)


The Casual Cons

  • The rear compartment for the filter is very narrow

  • Despite the small footprint, the sacrifice is horizontal swimming space which may be preferred for some fish

  • Light construction is plastic

  • Plastic cover for the rear compartment is flimsy and ill-fitting (this is honestly the cheapest part of this tank, but after owning the tank for a few months, it does its job)

  • Significant amount of debris (dead plant material, etc.) can collect in the rear compartment*

  • Light is insufficient for growing high- to medium-light plants*

  • Base relies on rubber padded friction and is not directly attached to tank

  • Technically holds 5 gallons of water (even with a 1 inch distance from the top edge), but because of the design, your fish will technically have 3.5 - 4 gallons of water to swim in

  • Flow rate from powerhead at lowest setting alone is still strong for betta fish*

  • No heater included*

*There are workarounds to some of these cons with cheap, easy DIY modifications as shown here on "10 Cheap/DIY Modifications For Your 5 Gallon Marineland Fish Tank To Betta-Proof It"


The Conclusion

Overall, you really cannot beat this tank for the price considering not only what is included but also the sleek aesthetics of this overall package. This nano tank would make a great addition to any office, desktop space, kitchen or fish room (assuming you take very good care of its inhabitants!)

***Note: Amazon links are affiliate links that support the channel at ZERO additional cost to you!

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